Tripod Beta

The course program covers all the required knowledge, skills, tools and mindset to participate in a Tripod Beta incident investigation process.


by Geniozz



  • Barrier thinking
  • The principles of incident causation (business disturbances)
  • The influence of human behaviour on incidents and the philosophy behind it
  • Creating a timeline
  • Building a complete Tripod Beta analysis
  • Improving the quality of your analysis
  • Draw conclusions, compose practical recommendations
  • Communicate both the progress and the outcome of the investigation
  • Build analysis diagrams using the supporting software IncidentXP

Accreditation for Bronze Practitioner

Geniozz is your accredited Tripod Beta knowledge provider. You will receive the official certificate 'Accredited Tripod Beta Bronze Practitioner' upon completing the knowledge assessment.

Course materials

You will receive your personal Geniozz Investigator document folder containing the following:

  • Official Tripod Beta User Guide
  • Geniozz 'pocket-sized' Tripod Beta Roadmap
  • Course syllabus/handouts
  • Multiple cases & exercises
  • Notepad & pen
  • Trainer's business card, your ticket to 'lifetime' Tripod support.

Geniozz '1-2-3' approach

Geniozz has developed an easy-to-follow '1-2-3' approach to build Tripod Beta analyses. As a newly trained Tripodean, you can apply Tripod to analyse any incident or business disturbance, no matter its complexity.

Hands-on and highly interactive

Our trainers have gained broad experience as Lead Investigators in various industries worldwide and bring lots of experience to the room. They have the right didactic skills to transfer the subject matter properly. This makes our courses educational and fun to do! Delegates are encouraged to participate and are challenged by practical exercises based on their own cases.

What else to expect

  • The training program is spread over 5 daily online sessions of 3 hours each
  • You will be working in small groups, which allows plenty of personal attention
  • Multiple virtual breakout rooms are available to facilitate optimal team exercises and case studies
  • A free 30-day trial license for the IncidentXP software. 10% discount on the purchase of your license.



Session 1

Tripod introduction

Session 2

Tripod trio's

Session 3

Tripod causation paths

Session 4


Session 5

Writing a report