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Risk analysis

Use the best software tools available on the market to analyse your risks.


Build bowtie diagrams using BowTieXP. We have some of the top experts worldwide to guide you towards making the most of this industry standard tool.

Risk Management

There's a difference between knowing your risks, and managing them. These tools help you do the latter.


Manage bowties in a larger organisation and take your barrier management to the next level.

Risk Monitoring

Monitor the performance of your critical controls using leading and lagging information.


Analyse your incidents with a variety of methods like Tripod Beta or Barrier Failure Analysis (BFA).


Question your barrier performance.


Collect the data that is hidden in your organisation.

Custom reports

We build custom reports that take your risk data and transform it into something you can use.

PHA-Pro to BowTieXP

Convert your PHA-Pro data into bowties to get that visual overview.

BowTieXP to PGS-6

Seveso (BRZO) organisations in the Netherlands can create bowties in BowTieXP, and then automatically generate a PGS-6 compatible report. Save time. Increase consistency.