Risk strategy & policy

We help create and implement effective & realistic risk management policies & strategies.

Risk assessment

Identify, analyse and evaluate the processes, activities, substances, equipment, structures or immaterial assets that have the potential to harm your business.


Bowtie is a risk analysis diagram that helps to clearly visualise your risk scenarios and controls. We are bowtie experts and can help you use bowties effectively.

  • Bowtie workshops
  • Bowtie protocol / policy
  • Bowtie training

Operational risk management & decision making

Take risk assessments further by integrating them into your operations.

Risk & control performance monitoring

Track your risk and control performance over time. We design indicators tailored to your organisation.

  • Control performance indicators

Data & analytics

We extract, transform and analyse the data you have so it can be used to support decision making.

  • Data platforms
  • Data analysis
  • Extract & transform data

Risk visualisation & communication

We use visuals, graphs and storytelling to clearly communicate the status of risks and controls in your organisation.

  • Dashboard design
  • Custom reports